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Who We Are

Birdcages and Dragonflies was born out of our own wedding in 2016, when we started planning it we
struggled to find the furniture and props we wanted for our day. Through this and our house
renovations, our passions for upcycling and repurposing became an important part of our everyday.
We starting buying from auctions, collecting items from sales and charity shops, and we have even
been known to collect items from skips (with permission) which we could re-love or repurpose.
We have continued to grow all aspects of Birdcages and Dragonflies taking into account our impact
on the environment, and using my design background and my husband’s joinery skills to bring items
back to life or create new products from the damaged, broken and in some peoples opinion
unusable items. Although limiting our impact is a key part of our company, design also takes a major
role in our work, we create and style items enabling our clients to have a unique and stylish wedding
whether it be in a large tipi or farm barn. We take our inspiration from the local environment but
also the ideas and imaginations of our clients often building custom pieces to help them complete
their vision.

Two and half years later we are still increasing our stock, we now home over 500 lovely vintage
mismatched dining chairs with new additions joining our family sometimes weekly, I try to say
goodbye to the broken but we end up turning them into benches and floral props. Our table
collection is also ever growing our first tables we made were from doors I saved from a bonfire, we
loving stripped and repaired them and added new legs to them, some still have the door numbers
on but I kinda like that it’s a great conversation starter for weddings ‘so who do you think lived in
number 47?’. We also have our village hall tables we saved from a building due to be demolished
and loving removed the chewing gum and replaced their tops with reclaimed flooring, and our
newest additions are our 6ft round tables made from reclaimed roof joists and scaffold boards.
Our collection doesn’t stop there; we have hundreds of mismatched crockery, cutlery, and cut glass
ware from a Police headquarters basement, French style sofas, armchairs, large statement furniture
pieces. We also have many designs of lanterns and vintage props perfect to dress any table, vintage
high chairs for the little ones and indoor and outdoor games to keep all your guests happy.
2018 also saw the introduction of our Northumbrian grazing tables and Jam Jar desserts again
following our ethos, using local farms produce and artisan producer and eco plates and cutlery.

Why the name Birdcages and Dragonflies? You’ll have to get in touch to find out its too long a

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