Sussex Wildlife Trust

Sinclair & Saffron have proudly partnered with Sussex Wildlife Trust. We believe that the work they do is vital in the preservation of the UK's wildlife. 60 per cent of our wildlife are in decline and 1 in 10 are heading for UK extinction.
Sussex Wildlife Trust focuses on protecting the wonderfully rich natural life that is found across our towns, countryside and coast.
By working alongside local people they create opportunities for us all to connect with nature, and for nature to thrive in even the most unlikely places, together we can make sure that future generations living in Sussex will be able to enjoy the sense of wonder and well-being that nature offers.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint uses the local knowledge and expertise of tree planting partners to ensure the right trees are planted in the appropriate places. The trees are predominantly planted in school grounds, reserves and managed woodland where they will live their natural lifespan and meet their biodiversity targets while conserving water, preserving soil and supporting wildlife.

Each tree planted helps to offset your environmental impact by "breathing" in CO2 emissions as it grows. The trees also provide sustainable habitat for wildlife and will enhance the natural landscape with native broad-leaved trees.

Carbon Footprint's UK Trees programme incorporates "Tree Buddying". This means for each tree you pledge we also offset one tCO2 through a Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) project.

This ensures your carbon offsetting

Sinclair & Saffron has committed to planting one tree every month to help offset 1 tonne of CO2 per tree. In addition we will pledge to plant an extra tree across the UK for every new supplier who lists with us.

Marine Conservation Society

The Marine Conservation Society is the UK’s leading charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife.


For over thirty years MCS has been the voice for the sea for all the fascinating creatures that live beneath the waves, for our breath-taking coastal environment, for all those who make a sustainable living from the sea and for everyone who simply enjoys visiting the beach and our glorious coastline.

Sinclair & Saffron is proud to be a partner of The Marine Conservation Society to support the minimisation of damage from development and climate change in addition to clearing up marine litter and pollution.

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