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Who We Are

Forage & Feast has come about from a passion for incredible produce and a love for all things cheese and charcuterie. 


Our feasting tables feature cheeses and charcuterie from across The UK wherever possible to support local businesses and minimise our carbon footprint. 


All of our tables include a selection of cheeses, charcuterie, fresh fruit and vegetables, dips, preserves, artisan breads, crackers, olives, nuts and all the accompaniments a truly indulgent feast needs. 


It is a wonderful way of social eating, the perfect way to showcase beautiful produce and leave your guests in awe of the vibrant feast laid out for them!


Our gorgeous feasting tables are customisable to provide a bespoke service aimed at bringing our clients feasting dreams to life!


‘I had the pleasure to enjoy the outstanding service and indulging feast many times. Its a novelty every single time! it's fresh and elegant, it's delicate and well thought throughout - little peace of art. Its incredible! Couldn't recommend it enough!’ -  Vivienne Ferraz Gimenez Lessa, Sheffield, UK.


‘A fantastic way to share a special event and indulge the palette and senses in the delectable choices of food artfully arranged that keeps you coming back for more. We were in awe. Thank you’ - Leanne Klaenelschen, Brisbane, Australia (on a recent trip to London)

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