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Hi, I’m Emma, the smiley person behind the lens at Freckle Photography. I spend my days taking photos of love, life and happiness. I’m best described as a mega relaxed photographer who will make you feel comfortable and happy. Like your fave snuggly jumper. I'll give you a space to just be you and your photos will be so you too. I'm a colour loving joy seeker and your photos will take you right back to your wedding day. How it felt and that rush of energy and love that you got, over and over all day long.


I LOVE my job. When I photograph weddings I aim to tell the honest and real story of your day. For me, capturing the emotion and atmosphere of the day is key to making memorable images. I work quickly and quietly - you will probably forget I am there for the most part because I’ll blend in but also because you will be having the time of your lives! YAY! 

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“I don’t know quite how you’ve done it but you’ve managed to capture all that happiness, bottle it up and fire it back at us in photo form. Every photo, just takes you back, BAM, and you can almost hear, feel and smell everything that was going on in that exact moment. We are completely overwhelmed.”

— Rosie & Chris

“I don’t know where to start on this glorious ray of sunshine. Emma is an amazingly talented photographer, and genuinely makes the area around her better by being in it. We both got giddy with excitement – she makes you feel carefree, comfortable and happy by being such a lovely, fun and cheery human being. I love our photographs and I love any excuse to be near this person”

— Emily & Bob


  "I could CRY! With pure happiness. Oh my god. You have captured the day absolutely perfectly. Thank you so much. I have no words I love each and every single one of them, they are beautiful. 

How do I decide what to put on a canvas? The whole house will be covered.

But seriously Emma you are absolutely incredible and so unbelievably talented, thank you so much for being our wonderful photographer I couldn't of wished for better.

We both absolutely adored you from the moment we met you and you have exceeded our expectations. You made the day so fun and enjoyable, every one who met you said how lovely you were. There are so many beautiful natural photos (which is exactly what I wanted) you have captured where I didn't even realise you were there.

I will never be able to say thank you enough.

All our love"

 — Leah & Joe 

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