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Jacqueline & Edward are a family owned business based in the sleepy
town of Wetherby, North Yorkshire. There they create stunning handmade
wedding rings with a twist, perfect for ethically minded people who want
more than a ring, they want a story on their finger.   

Their eco-friendly wedding rings are made using recycled precious metals
and are enhanced by natural river gold gifted from our family collection
which has been acquired by two generations of intrepid gold prospectors
using sustainable methods (Mark and his father). Mark is a trained
Geologist, Chartered Environmentalist, Chartered Scientist and a

They have gold from many different areas across the United Kingdom and
beyond, the location of which often ties into a place of meaning to Clients
from nearby a favourite memory, or even the wedding venue itself.
Alternatively, if you are an adventurous soul, you can enjoy an excursion
into the wilderness of Scotland to pan your own gold, which can then be
incorporated into your wedding rings. If you want input on their design,
we’d love to make that happen for you too!
Each individual ring is uniquely presented in a hand carved box using wood
which is found washed up along the shorelines or riverbanks of the United
Kingdom or has fallen from the canopy of an ancient woodland during

The hand-whittled jewellery box is accompanied by a certificate of
provenance which contains information about the commission,
photographs of the making of the ring and information about the geological
origins of gold used to add provenance to the rings.
Discover something meaningful with Jacqueline & Edward, Hidden by
Nature, Discovered by us, Designed for you.

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“Cannot recommend Mark highly enough and I’m so glad that we discovered the website and commissioned him to
make our wedding rings. We love the fact that they are environmentally sensitive, as well as being stunning and
unique! Mark’s customer service is absolutely outstanding – a genuinely nice guy who is passionate about what he
does and really cares about the end result. You will not be disappointed.”


“Ben and I wanted to properly say a huge thank you for our beautiful wedding rings!
It was really important for us that our rings were ethical, environmentally-friendly and made in the UK so when we
discovered Jacqueline & Edward we knew you were the company for us, even more so when we found out that river
gold from Yorkshire could be included in the rings. As we’re both from Yorkshire it made our rings feel very personal
and unique to us.
It’s been really easy dealing with you throughout the whole process and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend
Jacqueline & Edward. We love everything about the rings, including the wonderful presentation boxes. Thank you so


"We went to visit after finding Jacqueline &o Edward and liking the idea of what they do. We met Mark (the owner and
craftsman) who spent a lot of time with us talking through ring design and the making of a ring. It was clear he is
extremely passionate about what he does. He wasn’t pushy, quite the opposite in fact. It was a visit to an artisan,
passionate about what he does which is a refreshing change. The ring arrived today, it’s truly a bespoke, handmade
product. One of a kind.”


"We were initially drawn to Jacqueline & Edward because of their use of eco-gold and the unique finish on the
wedding rings. Mark was great at communicating, quickly putting to rest any concerns we had about ordering such an
important item without having seen them in person and making sure we were happy with each aspect of the design.
We were able to visit Mark at his workshop to check the sizing and he took the time to show us various aspects of how
they were made, which was really interesting. We’re really happy with the results and would definitely recommend
Jacqueline & Edward to others.”


"We ordered bespoke wedding rings from Jacqueline and Edward because we really loved the idea of having both
rings made from the same recycled gold with a touch of Welsh gold. When the rings arrived they were even better
than we could have hoped for. Absolutely flawless, beautifully finished and packaged with pictures showing the rings’
creation. We are so delighted, we can’t wait to wear them for the rest of our lives.
Many thanks for creating them for us Mark.”


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