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Who We Are

MULEBOX provide contemporary mobile bars with a conscience. Stocking Fairtrade, Organic and Social Enterprise brands, we support ethical business and giving something back! We represent fantastic independent distilleries, always with these values in mind. You will find us serving up a whole host of exciting Gins, Whiskies and other spirits alongside amazing Craft Beers, Organic Wines and Fairtrade soft drinks!

We believe that a wedding should be an incredible day shared with those you love, whilst being a wonderful celebration of the people you are together and what you are passionate about! If this includes sustainability, there are now some amazing businesses and brands available to you to build the most amazing, conscious wedding. This includes us! We are so excited about this shift in the industry and hope you are too!

Through striving to avoid unnecessary waste wherever possible, supporting organic farming and production and using only compostable or reusable cups and containers, we contribute towards a cleaner, less wasteful planet. We are always exploring innovative ways to reduce the impact that we have on the environment. Many of the garnishes that we use are home-grown, and through our partners we are exploring refillable container solutions for the drinks that we stock.

And whilst doing all of this, we can promise you that we are serving up some of the best and most delicious brands the drinks industry has to offer, with garnishes and ingredients that pay respect to nature and our beautiful planet!

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