Grace Elizabeth

Who We Are

Hello! I'm Grace Elizabeth, a five foot tall twenty-something year old... come hopeless romantic. On the one hand, I am inspired by the beauty in the little things, and on the other, I am inspired and energised by the excitement that comes with big adventures. I am inspired by grand oak trees, vast oceans and foggy mornings, but I am equally inspired by silence, sad playlists and reflection. I am also a believer that we all have the ability to leave the world in a better place than it began, whether that through what we can do to help the planet (being super eco friendly is a huge part of my life!), or through creating pensive, thought-provoking imagery.
So, onto my style! Defining your style as a photographer is so incredibly difficult, and it is variety between us all that makes up the spice of life! I like to think of my images as authentic, timeless, and story-telling, and I hope that the images I create for you, whether for your wedding, your lifestyle session, or even your business, will show the world who you are, when your guard is down and you can be truly yourselves.

Personally, I am really laid back, a bit of a cool cucumber if you will. At 5ft tall (something I emphasise a lot because upon first meeting me, lots of people don't quite know how to say 'Oh, you're... shorter... than I imagined…?' without thinking they'll offend me! (which by the way, you won't!)) my height allows me to blend into a scenario like a wedding day really well. I shoot very candidly, and document as much as I can without you knowing. There's something I love about looking out for real, natural moments, the kind of moments that would've otherwise gone unseen… whether it be the way your nana dances with the little ones on your wedding day dance floor, the way your newborn wraps their toes around your thumb, or the way your spouse to be / partner looks at you with love, without you even noticing it.
For me, love is what truly makes the world go around, and I am so fortunate to be in a career where documenting love, in all of it’s forms, is what I get to do every day. 

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