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Each Keslowena confetti mix contains a carefully chosen combination of naturally dried
flower petals and herbs to make sure they look gorgeous, smell amazing and carry the
message which is right for you. We also supply 2 post cards with each large bag of confetti
describing the meaning of the mix and listing the different herbs and petals in your confetti.
Each of our bags contains a litre of petals – which will easily fill 10-12 cones or supply 10-12
handfuls. They are packaged in high-quality, ivory organza bags with a matching silk ribbon
draw string. We label our mixes on recyclable white card and add a Lotka paper scroll with
the meaning of the mix at the neck of the bag.

Our confetti bags are gorgeous in their own right but there are many different ways you can
choose to display your confetti on the big day – from a simple sea grass basket to a willow
wicker hamper and Lotka paper cones – luckily we can supply either! Each of our confetti
mixes can purchased on their own as a 1 litre bag or in combination with a sea grass basket
or as a Complete Confetti Kit.

Dark Magic Confetti

  • This is a new addition to our range and perfect for couples who like something less traditional. Dark, black cornflower petals are mixed with biodegradable (of course!) silver glitter bring a magical touch to your day. Gorgeous black cornflower petals bring wealth, good fortune and friendship whilst the glitter provides a flash of spirit – and fun!
    Our glitter is environmentally friendly and complements the petals beautifully – just be aware that you will be shimmering for the rest of the day!

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