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Inspired by the glamour of old Las Vegas and so called because of the 360° stone set band, this ring leaves no area untouched by stunning details. Featuring a stackable design, hidden halo and available in 3 carat weights, with diamond simulant set band - this ring really offers the ultimate in sparkle.

All of our stones are lab grown 6A Diamond Simulant Grade Cubic Zirconia, created in Austria by Swarovski on our behalf.

All of our stones are ethically produced and environmentally friendly.


Roulette Eternity Band

  • Jewel Heist London Rings CANNOT be resized under any circumstances. Our signature 360° bands will be damaged if you attempt to do this. For this reason please consider the following advice:
    - If you would like to stack your rings please go up at least 1 size for stacking 3 or more of our thinner band styles, and 2 sizes for wider bands and stacking 3 or more rings.
    - If you order a ring from us and find it too large or too small and your safety thread is still attached, please contact me directly and we will organise for a new ring to be made for you. We will do this once free of charge.

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