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Who We Are

WildFolk is the home of Norwich-grown organic, seasonal flowers. Most if not all
high street flowers are grown in artificial, chemical environments – they never see
soil let alone a field. WildFolk gives nature a home.

Natalie spent much of 2018 experimenting with growing methods and working with
a handful clients. Her arrangements reflect her desire to work in harmony with
nature – they are full of texture and movement and appear gathered from the
garden. They often feature foraged flowers and foliage, items that you wouldn’t
find in a high-street arrangement.

As a florist, Natalie sources her print supplies, packaging and ribbons from local
environmentally friendly businesses. She never uses plastic - floral foam or floral
tape - in her arrangements.


Natalie will travel further afield to Suffolk,
Cambridgeshire, East London and Essex where possible and deliver sympathy
and birthday bouquets to homes in Norwich. She is part of the British members
group Flowers From the Farm and will work with these growers to ensure she can
meet demand.
Brides further afield can enjoy her dried flower accessories and bouquets, which
are made to order.

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